COVID-19 information for our workforce
COVID-19 information for our workforce
| By Erin Tully

Growing up in Melbourne, Erin Tully wanted to be an opera singer or a nurse, lucky for us and our community, she chose the latter.

Luckily, for the ears of those around me, I chose nursing. I can't really put a finger on what drew me to nursing. I feel that somehow, I was born to do it. I have an endless and continually evolving passion and respect for my work, my patients, and my colleagues. On a daily basis, I am challenged and humbled in all sorts of unexpected ways.

I decided to try rural and remote nursing to expand my skills and experience. I also wanted to try and combine my professional career with my love of travel, because of the opportunities for personal growth that it provides I wanted to challenge my beliefs and expand my knowledge of the world around me.

Growing up in Melbourne, I am familiar with suburban living, but I wanted to experience other ways people live in Australia, learn how we are different, and how we are similar. Australia is a huge country with diverse cultures, climates, and natural landscapes. I enjoy getting to know people through sharing stories, chatting, and providing healthcare. I find that nursing is a wonderful way to help communities, by connecting and empowering them with positive health outcomes.

Camping by the sea

Currently, I am completing a contract on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait, with Alliance Rural and Remote Health (ARRH). One of my most epic adventures was a trip to the Cape York peninsula. On my journey, I met so many strangers that turned into friends. We swapped stories of our travels and lives back home. After visiting the tip of Australia, I met two friendly girls and as we got chatting, they had also worked on Thursday Island as nurses and were currently on a contract in Bamaga with ARRH!

We connected over our love for agency nursing and laughed at what a small world we are in. We decided to travel together and drove along red dirt roads lined with lush thick jungle, saw wild brumbies, and eventually set up camp on a beach (making sure we were well away from any crocodiles!) to watch the sunset over the Torres Strait. 

What can be more majestic than a beautiful sunset?

I truly recommend agency nursing through ARRH to anyone who wants to explore different healthcare settings, test, and increase their clinical skills, meet wonderful people, and go on epic adventures that create memories to last a lifetime!