COVID-19 information for our workforce
COVID-19 information for our workforce

Did you know that alcohol and drugs cost Australian workplaces an estimated $6 billion1 per year in lost productivity?
Recent research2 estimates that 2.5 million days are lost annually due to drinking and drug use.
It also increases the chance of accidents or damage to plant and equipment.
Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is an effective way to manage work health and safety risks.
Our trained and competent staff can carry out regular screenings or random testing as needed. All our staff work with the highest degree of discretion.
To find out how we can help, please complete the details below in strictest confidence.

protect yourself and your workers. 

Post incident, pre-employment, suspicion, or random spot tests.

Test and screens can administer include:

  • Drug & Alcohol Screening
  • BAC Screens
  • Saliva Drug Screens
  • Urine Drug Screens

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Your employees are the lifeblood of your organisation. You want them to be happy, productive and healthy.
Talk to us about preventative measures such as vaccination programs and COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters. 

Our healthcare staff are fully qualified, dedicated to helping people be at their very best.