COVID-19 information for our workforce
COVID-19 information for our workforce

The roles we hire for are as varied as this sunburnt, wide brown land.

Nurses, of course – with at least two years post-grad experience.

But specialist skills such as Midwives, theatre nurses, mental health and aged care (to name a few!) are also welcomed and in demand.

Here are some of the specific skills you will need:

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The majority of our RNs in the rural sector work in a hospital or multi-purpose health service setting. 

Required skill set:

This varies across facilities, however ED skills including triage, cannulation, venepuncture and resuscitation experience will hold you in good stead. Exposure to acute care and aged care is required for this role. 

A current Advanced Life Support certificate is considered highly beneficial by many facilities.


RANs must be able to work autonomously in demanding situations, and are often required to be on call after hours in many clinics.

Required skill set:

Strong Emergency response and acute nursing skills is required. Having knowledge of chronic disease management, suturing, phlebotomy and wound care is valuable.
Previous experience working in a primary health clinic or small rural facility. Qualifications in Maternity Emergency Care (MEC), Remote Emergency Care (REC) and pharmacotherapeutics are all considered extremely valuable. 

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Baby Face


This specialty requires extensive experience with paediatric patients, generally in a paediatric ward. In charge experience is advantageous.



Experience in haemodialysis / peritoneal dialysis nursing is required for this speciality – be sure to mention on your CV the equipment type you have experience with. 

Hospital Card

Theatre Nurses

Experience in scrub, scout, recovery, anaesthetics or a mix of these skills is required. 

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Aged Care

Recent experience working within an Aged Care facility is required. ACFI experience is advantageous. 

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Child Health

An immunisation certificate pertaining to the states or territories you are wanting to work in, as well as Child Health experience is required for this role. Previous exposure to, or further education in, working with Indigenous communities is advantageous in some areas, as is a Child Health certificate. 

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Mental Health

You’ll require a high level of inpatient, acute, crisis or community case management mental health experience. Previous exposure to, or further education in, working with Indigenous communities is considered advantageous when wanting to work in some areas.

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Midwifery Group Practice (MGP)

The main focal points for this specialty are caseload and community experience. This will include ante, postnatal and birthing experience as you could be working as the sole midwife in your role, with a second midwife available on call if required. The ability and willingness to work on call is also required for a MGP contract. Previous exposure to, or further education in, working with Indigenous communities is considered advantageous when wanting to work in some areas. 

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Dual midwife (RM/RN)(MGP)

Dual Midwives, (Registered Midwife (RM)/ Registered Nurse (RN)) often work in a rural hospital or in a multipurpose health service setting and be able to work across both maternity and general wards when/if maternity is quiet. Ante and post-natal experience along with strong birth suite experience is preferred as well as exposure to acute Nursing and aged care settings. 


Please contact us if you’d like more information or have any questions.
You can find courses we recommend below. These are useful when working in regional, rural and remote Australia. Click the link to see more.